Wizard Software Services

People Focused on Your Software Success
Software success for the enterprise and workgroups is more about people than technology. Personal attention, listening, experience and common sense are all key ingredients to a winning software project. Wizard Software is designed to jumpstart the productivity of your staff and maximize the return on your software investment. Great software is the foundation of that return, but it’s our people and professional services that distance us from the competition.

There are two kinds of software companies. Product-oriented companies want to sell you seats or subscriptions and then move on to the next sale. Service-oriented companies want to work with you and get to know your business -- your workflows, processes, problems, opportunities, your people and their goals.

Wizard Software is a services-oriented software company. Our subject-matter expertise and professional services are what turn our customers into 'fans'. We have great people who care about your success and know how to take seemingly complex issues and put them in simple terms.

Merely signing up online for 'software as a subscription' and starting to punch in data are not ingredients in a recipe for success. We recognize that every organization has unique characteristics and constraints, and there’s not a ‘boilerplate’ approach to every installation. After getting to know your business, the following professional services may be offered with our solutions:

     • Professional Consulting and Needs Analysis
     • Project Management
     • IT Coordination and Security Configuration
     • Data Translation and Conversion
     • Training – Onsite or online
     • ERP/HCM System Integration
     • Rapid Deployment and Agile Development

When done right, the returns on your investment in a services-oriented solution – increased productivity, immediate access to the right information, and the efficiencies gained by the elimination of information ‘silos’ – far outweigh the cost of software and implementation.

It’s in our genetic code. There is nothing more important to us than you feeling comfortable in front of your computer, working with Wizard Software. Our project managers, technical support staff, developers, and sales team are all the types of people that want to make people satisfied, happy, and most importantly, successful.