For over 25 years, capital construction teams, real estate professionals, and facility managers have relied on Wizard Software to provide full visibility into their business. 

With custom software tailored to each client's unique needs, our solutions improve productivity so your organization can save time and money. 

Why do so many large organizations choose Wizard Software?

REASON 1 : Simple

Everything we do is focused on making your job easier. Our user-friendly interfaces are available across all platforms and devices, ensuring you can access critical information and complete tasks from the office or on the go.

REASON 2 : Powerful

Fortune 100 corporations, city governments, universities, and major healthcare systems rely on our robust software to get the job done.
Our scalable tools and interfaces integrate with teams and leadership at every level of the enterprise—as well as back-office accounting systems such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft or any third-party system—through our Enterprise Simple Portal (ESP)
Our configurable dashboards and powerful report engine gives you insight into your operations, empowering you to improve your performance, avoid surprises, and reduce risks.

REASON 3 : Flexible

All of our software is full featured 'out of the box,' but it’s also easily modified to fit your organization's exact workflows and needs.

With Wizard Software, custom configuration means more than basic user-definable fields and forms. We personalize our solutions to align with your organization's exact ways of doing business, giving you higher system adoption rates, increased productivity, and better integration with supporting systems. 
And our software can be implemented as a stand-alone product or as part of a fully-integrated solution across your facilities, real estate, and capital construction teams—in either cloud-based or on-premise environments. 

How can Wizard Software help you?

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