Solutions Designed For Your Needs

While our Projecto™, Performo™, and REportfolio™ solutions are great out of the box, our most successful customers build on and customize our software for their specific workflows and processes. Our sweet spot is working with your project team to create unique user interfaces, build custom reports, and integrate within the enterprise.

Our Unique Approach

At Wizard Software, we use spiral and agile development processes to rapidly configure, populate, rollout, and refine our software solutions. With this approach, we can deploy a production-ready application as quickly as possible.

The key to our process is putting a solution in front of users that utilizes real data in the context of their business. By seeing how users adapt and respond to screens, click patterns, and workflows, we can make rapid, iterative changes that leverage user feedback.

Our iterative process enables us to develop software that not only meets your unique business workflows, but also dramatically improves end-user adoption and satisfaction due to their active involvement.

The customization cycle is collaborative and built into our overall implementation process, fully engaging our customers to define what they want the software to do for them.

Customization is also a key part of our integration with external systems. Using our Enterprise System Portal™ (ESP™), we enjoy discussion and collaboration with customer subject-matter experts regarding the systems we are integrating with.

Substantial productivity gains are realized during the development process, as a result of our ability to continually create, deploy, and get almost immediate feedback on a series of rapid software revisions.

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