Project Implementation Services

Rapid Implementation For Better Performance

We achieve successful implementation by identifying and addressing business requirements and workflows, as well as user experience and feedback. This approach allows for rapid implementation of high-performance, integrated solutions that maximize our software’s responsiveness to the needs of your organization.

Our unique Approach

  1. Requirements Gathering and Analysis – Discussions with the project team to understand project requirements from the customer’s and user’s perspective.

  2. Software Installation – Installing and configuring the software, including population of key data tables for locations, user roles and access privileges, value lists, and data classifications.

  3. Data Conversion and Migration – Getting to know legacy applications and data, plus creating tools to convert and import data into your new Wizard Software solution.

  4. User Orientation Training – Educating users on the base functionality of the new application. We offer many different types of training classes, including web-based training, customized training, and train-the-trainer workshops.

  5. External System Integration – Programming, testing, and implementation of automated interfaces between the base application and enterprise software systems and databases.  

  6. Build Features and Reports – Using our integrated development platform/environment, our project managers and engineers will work to configure your data structure, screens, reports, and user interfaces as needed to fit the gathered requirements and implement custom functionality and reports.

  7. User Experience – This is the key to the process. While using the actual software in their context, including any implemented modifications, users work with embedded tools within the software to report issues and provide feedback. Reported issues are actively managed, reviewed, and monitored throughout the process.

  8. User Feedback – To supplement the user experience, we often include a formal quality assurance and test step to facilitate testing of specific functions and features, and to discuss reported issues, if any.

  9. Refined Requirements – Discussions with users, focused on their firsthand experience, are used to capture and document requirements for making subsequent refinements to system functions and features.

  10. Acceptance and Go-Live – The completed application is available for use by all users on a daily basis. This is by no means the end of the process. When a system is in full production, additional user feedback will continue to occur.

  11. User Training – With the system live, users not involved in the initial steps of the implementation process are trained to ensure that all users are proficient in using the application.

  12. System in Production – Our implementation consultants are also project managers and remain available as needed. Once in production, customers are able to contact Wizard Support and log questions with the technical help desk. Representatives resolve questions over the phone or via screen sharing.

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