Industrial and Manufacturing

efficiently coordinate all your facilities

For manufacturing facilities, ongoing and corrective maintenance of machinery is just the beginning of your management responsibilities.

Multiple functions of building operations and maintenance require your attention, whether you’re managing a single facility, campus, or portfolio of properties. And you need efficient coordination of repair, maintenance, and work assignments performed by technicians, vendors, and contractors.

Performo™ allows you to overcome all of these challenges and successfully manage your manufacturing facilities. Perfomo™ integrates with barcode scanning, so you can track parts and inventory and ensure critical equipment is functioning at the highest level. You can even manage and track services and labor for your projects.

And Performo™ ensures that you continue to meet compliance regulations and administrative expectations by reporting and tracking work orders.


SOME OF OUR Industrial and Manufacturing CLIENTS:

Additional industrial and manufacturing clients:

  • Nunhems/Bayer

  • Malteurop

  • Clipper Petroleum

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