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Wizard Software provides customizable solutions across multiple industries with specialized expertise in healthcare, higher education, city and county governments, banks with multiple branches, and manufacturing facilities.

Our solutions make it easy to manage and access complex data for workgroups within large organizations, whether deploying multiple Wizard Software products or integrating our software with other systems specific to your industry. 

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Planning, design, and construction groups for large hospitals and healthcare systems across the country rely on Projecto™ for exceptional project management. And Performo™ is perfectly designed for the industry’s round-the-clock need to log work orders and maintenance requests.


Higher Education

Projecto™ empowers planning, design, and construction groups to manage projects from remodeling to new buildings. Performo™ allows students, facility, administration, and others to log work requests over the web, whether school is in session or on break.


State and Local Government

Large landowners—such as cities, water districts, and railroads—use REportfolio™ to manage their revenue generating leases. Municipalities choose Performo™ to manage work and maintenance requests for their facilities, and Projecto™ for capital project design and construction management.


Financial Services

Our nationally recognized customers in the financial services industry use REportfolio™ to manage the leases for multiple branches, and they choose Performo™ for preventive and corrective maintenance within those branch banks.


Industrial and Manufacturing

Machinery within manufacturing facilities requires ongoing and corrective maintenance. Performo™ tracks parts and inventory and integrates with barcode scanning, allowing your team to ensure critical equipment is functioning at the highest level.

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