10 Powerful Features in the New Performo v10

Performo v10 is our first release on the new foundation of our entire suite of products.

We've raised the bar again for powerful, easy-to-use software with a completely new interface and several new features to help you manage your facilities even more effectively and efficiently.

Request a demonstration of the new Performo v10 to see it for yourself.


Completely Redesigned User Interface

Creating a worthy successor to our much-beloved user interface was no small task! We are thrilled to unveil our new, completely re-imagined (and already award-winning!) user interface.

  • Consistent user interfaces across desktop, web, tablet and phone

  • Updated and expanded data visualization and KPIs

  • Contextual menus on list screens allow for even faster access to the information you need

  • Screens dynamically adjust to fill your window size

  • Expanded, more powerful data filter interfaces

Greatly Expanded Mapping Features           

  • Mapping of your Buildings within Google maps can include your own floor plans

  • Real-time Worker location tracking

  • Mapping of Asset locations, even on floor plans

  • Directions to work orders in Worker mobile interface


Interactive KPI charting       

  • All charts can now be clicked to directly access the data they display

  • Filter data quickly - either through charts or text searches


Completely Re-invented ad hoc custom reporting to excel

  • Drag and drop to select and reorder data fields

  • Create an unlimited number of customized Excel reports

  • Ah hoc reports can also be integrated with our expanded scheduled reporting functionality

Interactive floor plans - Rooms, Work Orders, Assets, Workers    

Display work order and asset data on floor plans. Fields include:

  • Room categories

  • Room types

  • Occupant

  • Vacancy

  • Department

  • Area

  • Location

Redesigned PM calendar interface               

  • New interface and technology for increased clarity and functionality

  • Visually balance work load of PMs

  • Access PM details directly from the calendar view

User-definable Target Days and Time Based On Job Priority

  • User-definable ‘Hours to Complete’ for each priority

  • Configurable holiday calendar for more accurate time-to-complete calculations


Enterprise Single Sign-On Security for Hosted Systems      

  • SAML-based Single Sign On

  • Integrates with your company’s network logins - no need for separate accounts

  • Available for full application, web and mobile interfaces


User-definable Request Types, and their Job Types anD priorities

  • User interface to define the request types that appear for work order requesters

  • Allows for corresponding maintenance department’s job types and priorities, which are automatically assigned



Optional automatic assignment and routing of Work Orders to Technicians

  • Specify job type and importance for auto-assigning

  • Restrict to certain buildings

  • Can be integrated with Worker in/out board

  • Expanded features and tracking for Workers to re-assign work orders

Request a demonstration of the new Performo v10 to see for yourself.